Moving from Day to Night in Your Blues & Print

It's no lie that every new day inspires another Fashion Story in my creative hub #LizOgumbo. As I blossom through August on the color blue, I feel obligated to share with you how I take my 50 shades of blues and prints from day all through my night, whilst keeping it chic and fresh.

Amaka Chirah is working the high-waist short shorts worn with a collar print shirt inspired by the #kente cloth. What’s great about this shirt is you can wear it with almost every bottom garment from your wardrobe and I gurantee you, it will bring life to your entire look.

Handcrafted using the lutundzi grass, the supersize clutch is always a great-yet-practical #accessory handcrafted by my #Swaziland Sisters from Imvelo Eswatini with a touch of my play. You can literally throw in your laptop, Ipad, heels, sandals and even your bottle of wine to keep you moving on through your day in sass and class.

Hand painted & Intricately carved out, these carved-out wooden chunky bangles are definitely a must-have. For every “I-Don’t-Know-What-To-Wear” moment, you can throw these on and you’ll be on your way to the Marble for some great wine and lounge or Orbitz for some Live Jazz.

Taz Falconer is working our convertible high-waist skirt wearable inside-out. #print or #plain worn with a print wrap shirt and accessorized with our abstract rope necklace

What better way to pay for one and get two?

For all I know, this high-waist pleat skirt has seen it’s journey through a variety of Liz Ogumbo Fashion collections through the years, and she just aint going nowhere because she flatters every silhouette she has come in contact with.

If your name is John, this skirt will still make you feel like Nancy because that’s just what she does.

On the accessory note, rope is my new experiment and the good news is that you should never get enough of rope until you have exhausted your creative flow away. (meaning when you head stops working because your blood stopped flowing)

There are millions of ways to play rope and wear it and that is why I keep boxes of different rope colors to compliment almost every look. Get some ropes from the hardware store and creatively DIY to come up with eclectic pieces that no one has experienced yet.

Which look do you prefer?

Share with us which of the two looks you would wear and why and stand a chance to win a beautiful piece from your favourite look.

Enjoy your transition from Day to Night in Your Blues & Print!

The Collar shirt, bangles and bags are available at The Space

The Space, Mall Of Africa

The Space, Canal Walk

The Space, Cavendish

The Space, Woodlands

The Space, Baywest

For any inquiries, email us at

Yours Fabulously,

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford

Photo: Tyler Meyer

Models: Amaka Chirah & Taz Falconer

Wardrobe & Styling: Liz Ogumbo

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