Empire-Line 'Un-lined'

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She’s light, vibrant and easy like Sunday mornings and some Saturdays too. She is recognised and appreciated for her  empire-line; a high-waisted dress that became very popular during the 19th century is a style of dress that has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust, giving a high-waisted appearance.

By the time of Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule in France, this revolutionary style was known as the Empire waist, or Empire-line dress, and was the mode of dress worn during the Regency period (1811 – 1820) under Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule in France.

Liz Ogumbo 'Vavavum' Empire-line

“Empire” refers to the one built by Napoleon, and is the name given in France to this period of history. High-waisted, loose gowns inspired by the peasantry began to be worn in elite French fashion circles prior to the Revolution, largely in response to the philosophies put forth by Jean-Jaques Rousseau, an advocate for society’s return to more a natural state (often using peasants as an example), and whose ideas permeate Romantic thought. After the Revolution, this style became a reflection of the values of the new French state and has been the most defining element of women’s’ fashion through my experience and time in the fashion business.

Dress: Liz Ogumbo 'Vavavum' | Stylist: Letoya Johnstone | Model: Yvonne Okello

While conceptualising this collection, we created these prints to symbolise my journey grounded by my African roots and culture while transcending through every culture and region I have explored across the globe in my lifetime. During the production of the pieces, we create only 15 of each piece and sold globally, so chances of you bumping into a 'Who stole my look' are highly unlikely.

What better way to reveal and back-up the highs of empire-lines through our drop-V-Back ‘vavavum’ from my Lotus Collection debuted in Lisbon, Portugal two years ago. She is elegant, exudes chic and certainly never goes out of style. This revolutionary empire-line steals the whole roll of fabric so gracefully, but once she is on, the world stops.

"Liz Ogumbo Lotus Collection" Lisboa, Portugal 2018

Take her on from day -2-night -night and visit our fashion world for a dose of more Liz Ogumbo Fashion.

Dress: Liz Ogumbo 'Vavavum' | Stylist: Letoya Johnstone | Model: Yvonne Okello

Yours fabulously,

Multidisplinary Creative Entrepreneur,

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford

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