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As much as everybody would know by now 'Liz hates BLACK,' I must admit I have graduated and pushed myself to personally acquire and then design a few more black statement pieces than ever before.

Growing, under the eyes of my creative, fashionable and biggest style icon during those days; my mum, when I begun to understand color & fashion, she taught my siblings and I to stay away from black for a few reasons;

  1. According to mama, Black does not compliment dark-skin (like mine)

  2. According to mama, black symbolizes darkness, death, mourning, sadness and all of that. "Who wants to be sad?"

  3. Because she said so!

For many years, #RunForYourLife was the #tag of my life when I saw any black dress and with time,I somehow found ways to run away from it.

I remember at about 20 yrs of age, I took a trip to the mall right after my classes at Montgomery College and walked straight into Macy’s because the black dress on the window display was talking to me. This beautiful black dress was nothing like I had seen before and I could not get my eyes off of her. I had to take her home with me!

I finally found myself on the queue getting ready to buy a beautiful black dress and panicking one fast heartbeat after the other as if something bad was going to happen to me.

.....and that was the 1st black dress I ever bought and then owned and then wore a few times.

The good news is that, through the years I have definitely taken my chances and extended my open-mind around Black wardrobe through to my clientele because I got tired of responding to the same question over and over again from every other woman who walked into my Creative Hub."Do you not have any black dresses?"

After filling up my showroom racks with lots of fun black styles, I decided that my August Agenda is “Gold is the new black!”

For a better understanding of what specific colors actually mean, find out what colors enhance/compliment your mood, style, attitude based on your agenda.

For you who made it to experience my Fashion Friday, I hope you love your pieces. For those who never made it, you are still welcome to pop in and find something even more beautiful that your LBD.

……Something with a touch of gold…….

……Something black…….

…….Something gold……..

And get your special 20%off.

We are always happy to connect. Don't shy away from emailing us at for any further inquiries.

Yours Fabulously,

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford

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